The Essence of Pleasure

An International Brand

SABON’s international expansion began in New York in 2003, in a small store located in the West Village, on 6th Avenue. This was the starting point of our global development.
From there the chain expanded into a desirable international brand called SABON, with currently over 135 stores in central cities around the world. SABON has become a well-known, loved, fashionable and desired concept, demanded in each city where it is launched: from New York to Tokyo, through Amsterdam, Rome, Milano and more. In strategic locations and in the world’s most luxurious shopping centres, fashion chains and leading international brands meet our beautiful SABON stores: highly designed, prominently unique and speaking in the special SABON language. In every shop that opens, in any city in the world, we find customers waiting for us, happy to enter our world and join the SABON client family.
International success has not changed the essence of SABON. We are still loyal to our path right from the beginning: A path of commitment, curiosity, sensuality, magic and love.
“Upon entering the second decade of the 21st century, SABON expands and deepens its activity, and opens its doors to other countries. In this decade SABON is expected to have more than 400 stores around the world."