The Essence of Pleasure

SABON's Fragrances

Senses, Scents and Sensation

We, at SABON, live in a world of sensuality, scent and touch and attribute great importance to our senses. Aromas and perfumes which surround us, become part of our personality, and constitute a personal and meaningful way of expression.

The unique SABON scent collection is carefully concocted of high quality aroma extracts from around the world by an international perfume expert.
Careful consideration is given to each and every ingredient, and to the search for unique, groundbreaking, beloved and exciting combinations.

SABON allows each and every one of us find our suitable and loved scent and enjoy it through a variety of products, for the body and for the home.
To match a scent to the right place, event and hour, and make it a part of our personality.


SABON’S small secrets

Patchouli – Lavender – Vanilla, an original blend by SABON, was first concocted in 1997. Even in the early days, it became one of the most desirable scent, and has been SABON’S best seller all over the world ever since.

Patchouli: Oil produces from the Patchouli plant which origins in East Asia. It is composed of sensual stimulators, calming and relaxing characteristics, and is known for its unique scent.
Lavender: Produced from the purplish lavender plant. Strengthens, calms and is known for its healing properties. Its scent is familiar and loved.
Vanilla: Belongs to the Orchid family. Its scent is delicate and pronounced. It harmonises and balances while uplifting the spirit.

This sensational combination captivates and creates an exotic and outstanding aroma, which is unique, irresistible, exciting and has been accompanying SABON for more than a decade. And this is only the beginning...